III Open Russia Culturological and Journalistic Seminar

A Joint Educational Project of the Center for Contemporary Music of the Moscow Conservatory and the portal


The seminar presents a somewhat unusual angle in discussion of music criticism. Its subject range departs from the presently widespread genre of lectures «How to Write an Advertisement”, “How to Take an Interview”, “Ten Names Which it is Impossible Not to Know”, etc. As part of this educational program, we shall examine the discipline of criticism not as writing texts in standard formats, but as an important part of the musical infrastructure.


 History of the Project

The First Seminar took place in 2016 and was scheduled for the 150th anniversary of the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory. Lectures were read by journalists among the graduates and faculty members of the Moscow Conservatory: Piotr Pospelov, Evgenia Krivitskaya, Marina Gaikovich, Tatyana Kurysheva, winners of Russian and international prizes in the sphere of journalism Yaroslav Timofeyev and Vladislav Tarnopolski, faculty member of the Moscow Conservatory and the Journalism Department of the Moscow State University Roman Nasonov, etc.

The listeners of the lectures were the students and graduate students of the Moscow, Kazan and Nizhni-Novgorod Conservatories, the Russian Gnessins’ Academy of Music, the Moscow State Conservatory, the St. Petersburg State Conservatory, the Urals Federal University, the Vyatka State University, GITIS (the State Institute for the Art of Theater), four departments of the Higher School of Economics, the Vaganova Ballet Academy, the University of Print, the Academy of Theater and Music of Estonia, apprentices and members of the Russian National Orchestra, the Moscow Regional Philharmonic Society, the Belgorod Philharmonic Society, the First Television Canal and the State Television and Radio Company Kultura, Associations of Youth Media, the journals Expert, Afisha, TimeOut, Mezhdunarodnaya zhizn’ [International Life], Rossiyskaya gazeta, Moskovskaya nemetskaya gazeta [Moscow German Newspaper], the projects Aktsent, Syurtuk, Rolling Stone Russia, MoveUp, the First Ecological Radio Bud’!, etc.