The 16th International MUSIC Festival "Moscow Forum"

A Milieu for New Music and Aesthetical Discussions

October 22–27, 2019

Rakhmaninov Hall of the Moscow Conservatory
Karo Film Oktyabr Cinema Theater

Concert Hall of the House of Composers

One of the most well-known contemporary music festivals in Russia, the “Moscow Forum,” is being restarted as a platform for music and musical discussion. In the situation of an overabundance of various festivals in Moscow, constantly celebrating some holiday or other, the renewed “Forum” positions itself as a working space for contemporary music and serious aesthetical disputes. The music played in the concert halls will be directly interspersed with polemics uttered by composers, artists and well-known philosophers-theoreticians of contemporary art. The themes of the concerts-disputes are unified by one inclusive idea — the examination of the interactions of the phenomena of contemporary society and the tendencies of contemporary music. The guests of the festival will be Austrian composer Klaus Lang, the French Flashback Ensemble, which develops projects on the intersection of music and multimedia in cooperation with the famous French IRCAM electronic studio in Paris, famous soloists — performers of alternative music: Manuel Zurria (flute, Italy), Stephane Ginsburgh (piano, Belgium), Sahib Pashazade (tar, Azerbaijan). Musicologist Stephan Naumovich (Germany) shall present for the first time the first publication in Russian of the works of one of the most influential musicologists of the late 20th century Carl Dahlhaus.

The concept programs shall present Russian premieres of compositions by cult Austrian composers Klaus Lang, Bernhard Lang, Olga Neuwirth, premieres of works by Stefan Prins, Mauricio Kagel, Alec Hall, Erwin Schulhoff, Faradj Karaev, Alexey Sioumak, Arman Gushchyan and Mehdi Hosseini, as well as works by Moscow-based composers Alexey Sysoev, Vladimir Gorlinsky, Kirill Shirokov and others. The festival will conclude with the demonstration at the Large Hall of the Karo Cinema theater Oktyabr of the Russian premiere of the silent film of Hans Karl Breslauer Die Stadt ohne Juden [The City without Jews] (1924, Austria) with the music of Olga Neuwirth, which will sound in performance by the Studio for New Music ensemble under the direction of Igor Dronov.

The Themes of the Concerts