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Centre for Contemporary Music. 13, B.Nikitskaya ul. Moscow, 125009, Russia. Tel/fax: +7 (495) 690-5181

Рахманиновский зал Московской консерваторииThe Rachmaninoff Hall — is simultaneously the oldest and the newest concert hall of Moscow Conservatory.
During the years 1886-1918 this building, built as far back as the beginning of the 19th century, hosted the Synodal Vocal College (originally the four-year Eclesiastical College). For its use in 1898 a large hall with balconies for the choirs, possessing good acoustics, was built (having been attached from the inner courtyard). In 1968 this building was joined with the Conservatory, it took many years to restore it, and finally, in 1983, this most beautiful white and blue hall was opened anew with a recital of the great Soviet pianist Svyatoslav Richter. At the close of 1986 it was named the Rachmaninoff Hall in honour of the outstanding Russian composer and pianist, Moscow Conservatory graduate, Sergei Vassilievich Rachmaninoff, many years of whose life were connected with the Synodal College.

Number of seats: 252

Конференц-зал Московской консерваторииThe Conference Hall of Moscow Conservatory is used for holding seminars, musicological conferences, lectures and master-classes of various outstanding musicians.
The Conference Hall is located in the third building of the Conservatory, across from the Rachmaninoff Hall.

Схема проезда

Bolshaya Nikitskaya str., 13/6
(м. Arbatskaya, Biblioteka im.Lenina, Ohotny Ryad, Pushkinskaya).

The Theater Center STD RF (VTO) “Na Strastnom”
situated very close to the main building of the Theater Activists’ Union at the address Strastnoy Boulevard 8, is a unique performance venue. This is the first veritably open stage in Moscow, the necessity of establishing which had been discussed in theatrical circles at great length. It has no permanent theatrical troupe or rigid repertoire polity, but it does have a cultural polity: the Theater Center “Na Strastnom” is a non-commercial venue, open for performances by producers of the most diverse artistic trends, as well as for independent theatrical groups. Young theatrical producers, creative projects, the most unexpected ideas and suggestions – this is what the main goal of the Theater Center essentially is.

The aim and purpose of the Theater Center is the preservation and restoration of a unified theatrical space in Russian, assistance for talented people and strengthening of the social prestige of the theater arts.

Strastnoy blvd, 8а (м. Pushkinskaya, Tchekhovskaya)


Дом композиторов основан в 1964 году по инициативе Союза композиторов СССР. Он являлся одним из самых известных Домов творческой интеллигенции Москвы. Выступить на его сцене считали за честь лучшие артисты страны. Это было престижно и звучало как признание творческих возможностей исполнителя. В концертах Дома композиторов выступали и выступают выдающиеся деятели музыкального искусства и музыкальные коллективы: симфонические оркестры под руководством Е.Светланова, К.Кондрашина, Г.Рождественского; струнные квартеты им. Бородина и Бетховена; солисты С.Рихтер, М.Ростропович, В.Спиваков, Ю.Башмет и многие другие. Свой первый публичный концерт провел в Доме 12-летний пианист Е.Кисин.

В настоящее время кроме работы музыкальных клубов в Доме регулярно проводятся концерты современных композиторов и известных исполнителей Москвы, городов и областей Российской Федерации, бывших союзных республик, зарубежных стран.

Брюсов переулок,дом 8/10, стр. 2
(м. Охотный ряд, Пушкинская или Чеховская)