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→  XIV Moscow Forum Festival — «Getrennt durch Stachelmusik» — REVIEWS and ANNOUNCEMENTS, in Russian and German

→  XIII Moscow Forum Festival — «The Art of Perspective» — REVIEWS and ANNOUNCEMENTS, in Russian

→  XII Moscow Forum Festival — Francophonia: reviews, in Russian

Financial Times: logotype
For the curious, the week-long Moscow Forum International Festival of Contemporary Music gave valuable insights into Russia's new music scene. Run by Vladimir Tarnopolsky, a key force among Russia's progressive/avant-garde composers, the festival is one of Moscow's important annual outlets for new music. […] Showcasing Russian composers is a vital part of Moscow Forum, […] but so is addressing what is happening elsewhere
The audience is young and enthusiastic. But the festival puts a brave face on a serious situation which, like most arts-related problems in Russia, is rooted in the lack of money. A composer has little hope of gaining recognition abroad when opportunities at home are so sparse. Orchestras rarely perform new music. The government does nothing to help.


Время  новостей: logotype
Eighth Festival for Contemporary Music "Moscow Forum" was started with the packed hall. The programme was as usual far from the entertaining and even 5-hours long non-stop couldn't scare away the listeners, who stayed in Rakhmaninov hall of the Conservatoire till the midnight. Current situation makes happy.

Фестиваль «Московский Форум» под художественным руководством Владимира Тарнопольского — отчаянная и прекрасная попытка утвердить музыку в почти забытом статусе искусства, т. е. той территории человеческой деятельности, где автор, исполнители и публика встречаются, чтобы, нарушив всякие табу, понять что-то главное. […] Несколько дней « Московского форума» — окно в другой мир: в нем каждый концерт придуман не ради знакомства с определенным количеством произведений (пусть это даже мировая премьера), а ради того, чтобы расширить наши представления о возможном.


Ведомости:  logotype
Десятый «Форум» называется как манифест — «Свобода звука». Конечно, это философская позиция. Быть свободным в пределах регламентированных и загрязнённых территорий почти невозможно. Но они роют. И в поисках свободы зарываются вглубь — в природу звука, в щели между звуком и скрипом, звуком и текстом, звуком и тишиной. Между высказыванием и безмолвием.


Коммерсант:  logotype
In comparison with dying "Moscow Autumn" official festival of the Composers Union, "Moscow Forum" is very progressive festival. Its organizers and sponsors understand that contemporary music hasn't yet reached in Russia the level of commercial event. Therefore admission to the festival events is free and there are a lot of audience. People like contemporary music to get neither complicated nor simplify. Music is really well played by foreign and local musicians.


New York  Times: logotype
The modernists hold forth at the Moscow Forum, which functions as a branch of the International Society for Contemporary Music and maintains contacts with elite modernists abroad.


The Moscow  Times: logotype
MoscowForum provides this city best opportunity to hear classical music of the present day and the recent past. Some of the music will no doubt prove to be a bore and some may strike listeners as downright offensive. But along the way, and probably at some point in each of its concerts, audiences are likely to be treated to some of the most exciting musical sounds of the current season.
Of Moscow’s three annual festivals devoted to music of the present century, Moscow Forum has consistently proved the most interesting in recent years. And despite a somewhat reduced scope and schedule, it is nevertheless likely again this year to give Moscow audiences a welcome antidote to their normally conservative diet of well-worn classics.

By almost any standards, Moscow is a pretty conservative town when it comes to classical music. Consider, for example, how often the same few dozen pieces, mostly of 19th and early 20th century origin, turn up on the programs of orchestras and recitalists at the Conservatory and the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall.
Every April for the past eight years, however, the Conservatory's Center for Contemporary Music has provided jaded concert-goers with a healthy antidote: the Moscow Forum, a week-long festival devoted to music of the present and recent past, that features performances of the highest caliber by ensembles and soloists from both Russia and the outside world.


газета  Культура: logotype 
The hall was packed and many wishing to hear contemporary music had to do it upright. Moreover, all the rest 10 concerts were also besieged in the same way by the audience. This is an incredible case for academically avant-garde music and even unique fact for the last years Moscow life.

20th Century Music
The directors of the “Moscow Forum Festival”, especially Vladimir Tarnopolski, were once again successful in organizing a highly imaginative festival of good quality, enhancing the contemporary music scene at Moscow Conservatory, and bringing together two musical cultures, that of Russia and France.


Русский Телеграф
"Moscow Forum" festival maintains the golden mean, fixes main line. Aesthetically respectable it allows for others to step aside.

The Moscow  News: logotype 
The latest "Moscow Forum" contemporary music festival, which had the subtitle "Specters of Time" and was dedicated to French and Russian music, commenced  with themes of birds. It opened up extremely successfully in all respects. First of all, during the five years of this project, conceived of by Vladimir Tarnopolski, I could not remember such a high degree of enthusiasm - all the window sills of the Rachmaninoff Hall were occupied by avid audience members. (+) Second, there was really a lot worth hearing - and with great pleasure.


Вечерняя  Москва: logotype
The "Moscow Forum" international contemporary music festival presents possibly the only possibility for us to become acquainted with the world contemporary music scene and, moreover, with our own music scene as well.


Известия:  logotype
The success of the recently finished "Moscow Forum" festival could not be explained simply by the fact that it had free admission. […] Here the halls were packed day after day, and everything was perceived by the audience with great delight.