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The Sixth International Festival for Contemporary Music

May 18-23, 1998

Festival committee:
Michael OVCHINNIKOV, general director
Vladimir TARNOPOLSKI, artistic director
Valeria GOROKHOVSKAYA, executive director, program coordinator
Lennes de MOL, cultural attache, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
Arthur van der DRIFT, coordinator, Gaudeamus Foundation / Netherlands
Igor DRONOV, chief conductor

Organizers express their gratitude for the active assistance in arranging the festival to:
Mr. Henk Heuvelmans, Gaudeamus Foundation / Netherlands
Ms. Ekaterina Asojan, cultural department, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
Mr. Raimond Stulz
The employees of the cultural department, Austrian Embassy in Moscow
The employees of the Taneev Library / Moscow Conservatoire and those of the Moscow Composer's Union Library

The organizers also wish to express their gratitude to the sponsors and partners of the festival:
Orpheus Radio station
Moscow Echo Radio station
Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affair, Wien Kultur - for the financial anв logistic support of the tour of the ensemble the XXth Century